My Why

In About my Quest by Yeshua Lucis

I am a Messenger, here to deliver Words of Light.

We are coming to remember who we really are. Each of us part and parcel to a grand renaissance in consciousness, a great story of our shared Awakening. I came here to remind us of this: we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

I have come to see that I am on a magickal adventure, a heroic journey of synchronicity and awakening. As I meet the characters of the great story, each showing up in a perfection of unfoldment, embodying the qualities I need to further my spiritual journey, and am led to new realms, those of the sacred land and the emergent paradigm. Since there is no separation, I know that if this is going for me, it is going on for the “other” aspects of the Self. It is a wholistic journey. One unscripted and authentic, worthy of the Art of Witnessing.

I share my story to give vantage into this, and to show the spiritual practices that I have used to transform my consciousness so that I could travel from one realm to another. That through healing, reconnecting with the land and listening to the guidance of spirit, that one can follow the synchronicities unceasingly and be led to a new reality. I know our hearts and inner discernment can guide. Through sovereign relationship with our own Truth, we are able to step into the Gift that is our life. I relate this to show that we can come into direct relationship with God. That we can face the shadows and come back to the light.

The authenticity and vulnerability of this process as shared in my ongoing story is done from a place of devotion, with genuine inspiration to help the people. To help you see through a window to wonder, not just that it can be done, but how it is done. Proof that there is a gift within, a seed meant to bloom through our lives, and that we live in a friendly universe, supporting us in our journey to Awakening.

It came to me clearly. We need a New Story. One that inspires, heals, and reveals our deepest Truth. A story that reminds us of the deeper reality that lay beneath the surface, of what we truly are as spiritual beings having a human experience. It is a bright spell cast to awaken, to bring us back again and again to that which is more lasting than the flickering forms on the surface. A way for us to have depth of relationship with our Self and the Creation.

A New Story. One where we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the vessels for the will of the Divine to be done here on earth, and if we wish to see any change, we must become the change we wish to see.

I wish to see us reconnect with the land and remember the Goddess. Her fertile grounds are sacred, and our very bodies are formed from that same source of all life on this planet. A reverential relationship with Nature heals the fundamental issues that we face. As we come to respect our source of life, the Deva, the living plants and ecosystems that abound, and have conscious relationship with this, we open the door to that of healing, revelation, enhanced vitality and inspiration. We gain the opportunity to have depth of relationship with the many mysteries and gifts of the natural world.

An earnest desire budded from the depths of my being, to communicate clearly this new story. So I may relate the treasures that have been given to me by the Divine. I want to open the door for you so that you may see the Rainbow Road, and walk the way back to wonder and grace.

My motive is to remind, gently yet firmly. Consistently, with Love and Clarity. My key strokes matching the process of a constant listening, of aligning with that which wishes to be spoken through me. The fall of each finger matching a gravity much larger than my individual self.

I surrender to that which wishes to come through me. I will to give all that is mine to give. I AM. We Are All One. The flow of life finding course through my being, giving way to the rivers of inspiration, my heart devoted to the process of this sacred task. This is my Gift to You. This is the great song of my existence. Let us rise together, back into the magick that is our birthright. It is time to step into the Mythica.

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