The Dragon and the Angel

In Journal Entry by Yeshua Lucis

We are nearing the emanation of the bright beacon of redeemed media that is the Mythica, the time is nigh for her to shine out upon the worlds. Intensive work has been put in to get to this point, and there is a recognition of the progression of the Quest. I look back upon the writings of the past, all in preparations for the Now. All the moments leading into this one.

There are repeating patterns that play themselves out in my story, in all of our stories. One such arises, and I grapple with the dragon as its fires tear at my inner landscape, demanding me into the next level of devotion to the spiritual practices to clear my portion of the collective distortion. My challenge has been this: not being seen. My value not clearly recognized by the aspects of the Self that are the collective.

Yet, there is no separation. I continue the Akashic Yoga of Story to remember who I truly am, to bolster the fine mirror of perspective to see my true aspect. In this way I work to clear my portion, to embody the remedy, by seeing my value clearly, and stepping deeper into the Gift that is my embodiment for the World.

For I have a certain purpose as an Angel here upon the Earth at this crucial juncture in our evolution, to anchor in the Awakening of the planet.

Such a blessing is my brother Angel Peter Fae, here to harken in the new era of Light, embodying the bright virtues of redeemed fellowship. He casts a portrait of myself as an angel, reminding me of our shared purpose. As I shift my gaze from the surface to the subtle I see him in his aspect, clad in light and virtue.

Such is a sweet reminder, that we are all walking each other home on the Rainbow Road. That the other aspects of the Self show up in perfect timing, embodying the qualities that are necessary for our growth and evolution, in the Alchemy of Relationship. Peter brought the light, lifting me back into the Grace. Again holding the torch of the Awakening.

We cast a video LIVE from the Quest out as a bright beacon to the peoples, speaking of Virtue, Right Relationship, and the Journey to Heaven on Earth.

As the day turns to night there is inspiration arising as flame turns to fire, and the energies even out to balance. We see the bright spell of the Mythica coming to bear, an elemental way of conveying the message of our own evolving mythos. Cast in tones of the highest grace, there is opening to the infinitum of expression.


It is a widening breath of Aloha, of the deva of the inspiration. Filling me with new found vitality and insight, leading into the embodiment of a grounded subtle asana. I poise into proper position to cast the mediums of my emanation into the emergent portal of the Awakening.

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