Spiritual Practices

In Core Concepts by Yeshua Lucis

As an ongoing healing documentary, “the Seed Within” shows how I transform my life for the better through clearing out the disharmonies within the Self, availing me access to the Mythica, the real world of magick. This is the focus of the ‘From the Quest’ aspect, to track that from the present tense, providing a window into the process of my transformation and embodiment of the seed within. In this way, I afford a vantage through my authenticity and vulnerability. Earnestly, I record the practices I use to transform my consciousness and document my life.

In the Seed Within, I refer to the Prism of the Self, that we are made of vibration. The qualities of energy within play out as a reflection in the circumstance, our halo of manifestation, and are either defiled or redeemed versions of themselves. Each of these qualities can be traced to areas of the body, and viscerally felt as tones and textures within the sensate landscape of the body, which are then reflected in the field. This is what we allude to in the surface and subtle illustrations.

In the context of the heroic journey, these manifest as the realms of the creation that we are moving through, and the very meaning of our lives. They are reflected in the archetypical undercurrent of our story. In the ongoing application of the spiritual practices, we are clearing out any disharmonies in the Self so that we can move into brighter circumstance, and embody more of the magick of what we really are. In the documentary, I show how the tones relate to the realms, and that the adventure is one through the defilement into the redemption, from ignorance to realization, from scarcity to abundance.

By clearing and applying proper techniques of relating with the creation, such as the physics of Virtue, we become the change we wish to see. We embody the remedy for the collective, and transform our life circumstance. I ground this all in the timeline of the Seed Within, and the ongoing ‘From the Quest’ series, showing the real magickal journey and the proven technique.

As an ongoing documentary, I record what shows up on the path through the Art of Witnessing. Through clearing the Self, it is revealed that we live in a friendly universe. Signs of support appear. Sudden inspirations open. Someone shows up embodying the very quality that we need to further our growth and Life Vision. This is a constant, what we refer to in the Mythica as the Rules of the Road. That God is Good, we only need remove the shroud of constrictions to receive that which wishes to happen to and through us, and step into the abundance that is our birthright. This is according to the principle that Nature is always giving, and that we are transforming our relationship to the creation to live a better life, one that is fulfilling, adventurous, magickal and more than we can imagine.

It is true, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. In order to transform the world, it must start within. For within us lay all the power, the source of all creation. It is causal to everything outside of us. In remembering this and applying it directly we become all the wiser, able to change that which previously laid beyond our reach. To do this is the superheroic act, in which we embody the remedy. We step closer to our birthright of abundance, to Heaven on Earth. We become more of who we really are. We step deeper into the Mythica.

Spiritual Practices used in the Seed Within:

  • Deva Yoga (Connecting with Nature)
  • Ho’oponopono (Forgiveness)
  • Life-Visioning
  • Akashic Yoga (Yoga of Story)
    • Witnessing
    • Discernment
  • Manifestation Arts
    • Visualization
    • Affirmation
  • Breath-work
    • Sau-Lung (Bon Elemental practice)
  • Sound Healing
  • Djedi Arts (energy cultivation)
    • chi-gong
    • personal techique combined with Deva Yoga
  • Physical Yogas
    • Hatha Yoga

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