The Art of Witnessing

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The Art of Witnessing

"Follow the Synchronicities unceasingly, and you will be led to a new reality..."

How do we learn to see the magick of our lives? That our circumstance happens according to divine providence? To witness the perfect unfoldment that connects us all?

As Authors in the Mythica, we never set up the photos. Rather, we witness the events as they happen, documenting the Peoples and Places that arrive on our Path. Such forms a proof of the web of synchronicity and the many realms of Akasha that underlie the surface of our perception.  

For me, the applied Art of Witnessing began in 2016. Following a Life Visioning to share my story with the world, I encountered Peter Fae at the roundtable. There he raised the invitation to do the same as he had on the Journey Home, and document the journey through the realms back to Heaven on Earth. Observing the magick of our resonance and shared life purpose, I dedicated myself to the sacred act.

Here I share the photos from the Seed Within. All is what organically happened on the Path, as I have been led to witness by the Divine. There are no sets, no actors, no staging, no photoshop (except illustrations of the subtle). A few of the photos have slight adjustments to account for contrast and lighting.

Through the Art of Witnessing, I have awakened to the nature of the heroic journey. That below the surface of our lives lay a perfection of circumstance. Led by synchronicity, I come to see the magick.

My journey is one across the realms of the Rainbow Road. In which I have witnessed the Avatars of the Awakening, the Characters of the Great Story, the Seeds of the New Earth. Encountering magickians and priestesses, djedi and medicine people, all part of this Rainbow Tribe of budding consciousness. I have found my way across the leylines of Gaia, to nexi of the emergent world, and to gatherings harkening in the era of Light.

It is my great honor to share with you the photos from the Seed Within, my journey into the Mythica, the real world of magick. And it is just the beginning. May it help you awaken to the Truth. That we are all on a heroic journey. That we are all connected in the Great Story of Awakening, coming to remember who we really are. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for…

Below are galleries of photos from the Quest

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