Priestess of the Wind

In Journal Entry by Yeshua Lucis

A difficult morning is had, as the splinter arises within. I continue the spiritual practices to clear myself, so that I may have access to the inspirations and abundance. I apply the forgiveness and Deva Yoga.

Alva Maria

Out in on the land in the bright sunlight, I shoot a video based on the inspiration received. Alva Maria shortly after pulls up, arriving in synchronicity. Her presence is a sweet refreshing breath, and her aura radiates a cleanliness. As we hug I can feel the clearing she has had, and that it is relative to her all fruit diet that she has recently embarked on.

She comes bearing gifts of fruit. Space is had between her and Peter, as he facilitates a healing.

Alva offers me a session of her transformational breath-work, guiding me through the ebb and flow of conscious breathing. My awareness finding its placement inside the inner landscape. Her gentle guidance bringing me through waves of clearing and opening, as I breath deeper. There is expansion and release, bringing me deeper into the presence. I feel the vitality open up within me, as tingling sensations of energy run their course throughout my body.

As a bright embodiment of the divine feminine, holding space for the healing of the collective, Alva offers full retreats and sessions of this transformational breath-work. During the session, she remarked, “This is more of a feminine breathwork, in which we surrender to the breath breathing us.” See her offerings here.

Her approach so direct yet gentle, a warm heart easy to trust. I am honored she would give such a gift, and upon the session closing an opening of inspiration is had in my voice, leading into a song I offer back to her.

As I witness her in the light, there is an opening in the field between all of us. As I shift my gaze from the surface to the subtle, I see her magick open in recognition of her bright function.

She arrived embodying the very quality I needed to come back to balance, by offering the gift of breath and lightness, reminding me of the depths of my own potential vitality. That she would arrive in this way proves the alchemy of our relationship, and that we live in a supportive universe. The physics of the Quest, that we arrive in synchronicity to further each other’s spiritual evolution.

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