Musing – Devotional to Form

In Musing by Yeshua Lucis

Devotion to Form
from which all Arises
Gives way to the Nectar
of Eternal Life in Source

For the Love of Creation, Thirst for Transformation, Acceptance of What Is…I am driven to service, in the fullness of what I AM. Not my first choice, for that was the path of resistance. Lessons we learn, in the crucible of inner alchemy. Dissatisfaction drove me to Discovery. Then to Truth. Virtue. Valor….Victory. By remembrance I align with the Divine.

I found myself upon the valleys and mountains, rivers, streams and oceans, in reunion with the Deva, the elements I am made of. In direct connection to Source find my thirst quenched. By the still small voice of Spirit, traced upon the feelings and the wind, a subtle sword of discernment within, I make my travels through the earthly plane. It is a sense of freedom, of sovereignty with the Divine. Devotion is motive as every breath, step, word, action becomes prayer, spoken on the phrasing of an ever living creation.

Powers of awareness wielded in service to the most high, divine Source, for the mother Earth. This body a prime vessel for thy will be done. In union with that which wants to happen through me, I see, the true unity exists in divine duality. The dance of Shiva and Shakti, awareness and form. From primal silence to symphony God fills all things with infinite intelligence. This is the sweet remembrance, oh child of mine, do you remember the times of grace upon the lands of your Mother. Wind kissed skin as sun shone joy, Love brought tears as all is filled with the mists of mystery, sailing the seas of destiny.

Every element combined for You. Every experience ever had for You. This Self for You. The body of the Goddess for You. You that is Me that is We that is One. Just so that there could be this experience. Remembrance, a kiss of the divine, a blessing of the Here and Now.

How could I resist, but to give you my All. This offering to the Altar of Life. The flow of the divine moving through to remove all resistance to the Truth. That there is only One, and its many forms. Separation dissolves amidst the Remembrance, taking place the interconnection of all things. Made whole in the light of the One True Source, the primal force. Surfing the Primal Silence, as Chances R Good would say.

You move me, your Creation, your Emanation cast out as the brilliant rays of all that is. Walking the rainbow road home to you, my beloved. Amidst the cast and characters of this emergent garden of Life. Redeemed is our Mission. Holy is our Blessing. Divine is our Design. A shared vision so true, a city of light inside of you, me, we. A New Earth. Does this quench that thirst? To be heard, seen and known as part of the whole. A yearning for rapture. Yah, that starts Within, Here and Now. As we embody the change, the remedy for the poison that first we must of drank for it to be so. It is a perfection of the unfoldment. A remembrance of the One. The Union is Done. On Earth as it is in the Heavens of the Highest One.

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