Imagination Serving Creation

In Journal Entry by Yeshua Lucis

On the Journey Home to the Seed Within, our Imagination comes to Serve the Creation.

Upon the night before there was Awakening to the deeper truth of our inherent divinity and unity. A visceral sense of magick pervaded the air as the golden tone was felt within. The illumination of God consciousness, embodied in the here and now.

We meet in mutual recognition and respect, redeeming relationship in a roundtable of fellowship. Here with our brother Peter Lupo, who holds his magick of stone and divination with high respect, meeting us in mutual virtue.

The realization came to me as Peter Fae said, “It the Journey Home to find the Seed Within.”

“Our Imagination comes to Serve the Creation.” I say.

I watch this come into form in the daylight, as I follow the impulses of creativity. My Self illumined as the realization deepens. The Mythica is a sacred temple wrought from the threads of Story in the Akasha of the internet, where there is an infinite amount of ways to tell the Great Story

A new way sharing the story in comic form is impressed upon me by Peter…

For me, this is a true opening into new realms of creativity and abundance. A new form in which I may wield my powers of lightning, of creativity. As the context of the Mythica grounds in, there is an easement.

We all want to tell our story, yet so often do we only see the surface of what’s going on. In the comic, we aim to show the subtle reality, the undercurrent of myth and meaning that occurs when we travel deeper into the Mythica. It is a way of seeing the unfoldment in the Akasha.

I am on a heroic journey where we are moving through realms of Story and Abundance, where there are avatars of Yogas, uniting in the transformation of consciousness, and there is a real unfolding world of magick. In this process we must face the shadows and clear the consciousness to step into the magick, to travel into the brightlands from the shadowlands.

This comic, one of my first castings of this media spell, is about this journey, taking place in the Nectar of Naples storyline a couple weeks ago.

Peter and I were led to the Barnes and Noble, as it is referred to on the surface, yet have an experience in the subtle undercurrent of the Mythica of it being a Temple of Story. A realm where the threads of akasha converge and the whisperings of the world tree can be heard. A throbbing heart of the Great Story, the deva of sound that pushes through the human condition to be heard through the Story of our shared unfoldment.

On a walk to rejuvenate our bodies and return to the sanctuary, we pass the Tesla store, which we interpret as a sign of the realms of abundance, as we both envision having a Tesla and the Mythica is flush, just about to pulse out into the worlds. We sit in the car, feeling its galactic quality of freedom, resolving to incorporate it into our manifestation spell works, forming a “T” with our hands as a makeshift mudra to invoke it. A reminder of the days to come of its weaving between us.

Upon the morn I am invited by Allowah Lani to join for Yoga Quest, a yoga teacher training. I share my music and we arrive to the park, where there is a shared application of the yogas guided by Allowah. In all of this, there is a sense of opening, of adventure. A blessing it was to be treated as an esteemed guest, to offer the music and witness the characters of the Awakening. As dawn turned to dusk Shelby and I united, following the word of my neighbor Vince to a Kava bar. As we arrive there is a magickal grove nestled amongst the shops, where there is an opening of love near the sanctum of plant medicine.

This is the actual story told in reference to the actual forms that appear on the surface, yet always harkens to the more subtle mythopoetic undercurrent of the heroic unfoldment…

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