2018-9-1 – “Lost Valley”

In the heart of Wyndenwood, a call comes to me from the distance. Emerging out of the forest to see the maidens of green, Gabrielle and McKenzie. They invite us to come to a place called Lost Valley for a sacred dance ritual.

Peter Fae and I travel on across the edges of the commonwealth. Approaching a store of benevolent giving appearing on the surface as “Goodwill”, I encounter the books as the many leaves of the human mind, whispering roots of the Tree of Time.

We cross on through from grey to green, across the rainbow road to the Lost Valley, discovering it to be an eco-village past the edges of the Deadwood Forest.

On by the mud goddesses speak, ancient remembered through words so sweet.

“The precious gifts of the Goddess.” Says Natalie.

Its there we meet him from our past, Davis, on the lavender fields of the episode of Vortex Valley, where the old world met the new. Was cross a fence that divided two, yet where we saw we knew, never separate always one, on paths between our Tribe was Love.

“There’s no way that love isn’t going to allow me to find the fulfillment of my heart’s desire.” Says Davis.

We sing a song together. “I am the sun that is dawning. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

Roots of the Goddess

So I walked these paths my own, pass a sign that read “The Guru Lay Within You.”

There I saw sweet Natalie, singing of the new world.

“We are the lions and lionesses of the new world. Invoking the essence of the Divine in Unity.” She sings.

There hearts expand so very grand, we felt it as we took a stand in noble light.

Dancing cross space and time, I saw the goddesses sublime align.

Gabrielle led me deeper still, to ancient roots and trees entwined. Across the rainbow road I went, deeper into realms of Faerie.

“Come and see!” She says, pointing to the tree, which are two grows entwined together as one. I approach, shifting my inner asana to Reverence…

Bowing to the beauty and sharing the mana with the Tree, to align with the spirit of the forest.

She enchanted me in Nature by the sacred pond, sharing her remembrance.

“I am a Goddess of Love.” She said to me.

I look at the light reflecting off the water, sensing our shared reflection.

“I carry this clarity, seeing how we balance one another.”

For this is the place that the Gift of our relating is, the mutual honor of our shared blossom.

The Opening Ceremony

Coming together as a large circle round the may pole, the opening commences. The theme being to harvest the abundance, of all possible.

“Come Into the center of your heart. Imagine that here lay a seed, waiting to blossom as your gift for the world. Spend time here, know this and explore this. Ask what quality wants to come forward to nurture its growth.”

“Come face to face with another and share this intention.”

Suddenly I face a pixie goddess.

“I wish to be fully embodied in witnessing the reflection, of truly receiving the aspects of the collective that reveal our divinity.” She says to me, as I fully receive and appreciate her Aspect.

I feel into the the essence of my Seed Within, seeking its True Tone, and reply, “I intend to be fully aligned with the expression of my story, already appropriately named the Seed Within, to fully anchor this witnessing of that which pulses through us as the collective Awakening, to nurture awareness of the interconnections. I intend to fully step into my power and use my voice to tell this story, to use the platform of the Mythica to pollinate it out for the good of all, so that its witnessing may inspire and anchor the Remembrance. I intend to be fully aligned with the seed within.”

The Ritual of Dance

Entering the dance, tribal music blends to gaian tones, electronic weaving with organica. I soften to shift shapes, falling into the gravity of the moment into a free flowering weaving with the field.

[ illustration – Show me in a dance move with energy currents coming up, turn into sketch / transparent png ]

I intersect with Cole, recent to discover his nobility as a royal of Faerie. There, the aspect of Shiva activates through my avatar.

Voices of the Light

I wonder what wonders there would await?

There the priestesses held space, where I asked for remedy, an alchemy that would help me unleash my voice.

Mermaid essence is given to help open the lion’s roar and siren song.

Deeper on to places unknown, I walked alone, where there I met my Tribe. In sacred space most sublime. I felt it was my time, to spread the light my special voice, the one we share through many reeds… I saw another one of me.

She sang her song just as I, reminding me of another tune. A tone that opened up my soul, and brought us all together whole.

Down the trail with the priestesses of the vine, I felt the whispers left in time, I felt myself I opened wide, walking with the Goddess most Divine…

Pilar said, “I felt my Gemini Aquarius balancing your Libra Leo”

I saw her in her Aspect, and received vision of a beautiful full moon reflecting on the ripples of a lake next to willow in pitch night. Smiling, she told me she always felt connected to the willow, and looking down I saw her moon pendant adorning her blue gown holding the image of a woman holding a vessel of water.  Suddenly, I knew her to be the Goddess of that, that the form she takes on the surface reflects the substance of her true character in the Mythica. She sees it too.

Returning to the Wyndenwood, I bask in the glory of those moments… of the Light that shone in the Lost Valley.

Characters Appearing in this Episode

Gabrielle Gibney, McKenzie McCleary