2018-7-13 – “Discovering Cascadia”

With the support garnered from allies in the Vortex Valley, we made our way to Oregon to come to Wynden Keep, long time allies of Peter Fae in what he lovingly referred to as the realms of Faerie; a place of Faerie Worlds Festival, and where the fae clan connected to the old lore of Avalon, to ritual, the elements, and honoring of the Earth.

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Peter continued to act as a mentor ally, describing his perception of when things were opening in the rainbow travel, and how it tracked to the inner work. Through his dedication, support and sharing of connections, I got to expand into a whole new world of sacred places and beings of resonance.

Clearing the Shadows of Value

We continued to face the distortion of value for clearing. It was a challenging portal, as we needed to leave the lavender farm, and it had become inhospitable, sweltering heat in the tents upon the cracked earth baked by summer time California sun. We did a lot of forgiveness on the unfairness of how we were treated, and in an intense holding the line, of honoring our own values, in the face of not being seen for our true character upon the land. Knowing that we brought much more than land work as value, but transformative awareness while bringing through a platform to help everyone.

The truth is, I’m not perfect. I was unable to hold my part of the arrangement, as the agreements were unclear, things were disorganized and everyone was confused. A reflection of the overall state of incoherence in the collective consciousness; yet it was here that the splinter, as Peter would call it, began to mend. I didn’t understand at the time, but I gradually came to see that we were all a part of a larger healing for everyone involved, revolving around the redemption of value and relationship, as we step into the new paradigm of harmony and wholeness, where our innate gifts are regarded for their currency in sacred commerce. This is the very thing that was intuited when I first arrived there, in the conversation with Cos and Peter. We would come to know this as the journey towards Coherence.

Shifting Realms

We stopped by Blissville to see Niekko one more time, before hitting the road. It would be quite a while till we would all be reunited again, yet we still look forward to supporting Zen Awakening Festival. As I gaze upon Peter and Niekko, I see them in the Mythica, kings of an emergent paradigm, in service to the empowerment of the People.

Thanks to brother Cos, a great ally to us in distant land of the lavender farm, we were able to get to the rental car and make our way up the coast. If it were not for the support of he and the Lady of Lavender, we could not of made the jaunt.

Glee fills me. I haven’t been up the coast that far, and it’s my first visit up north. I grab some foodstuffs for the journey.

The Sacred Trick

Coyote Totem: The Divine Trickster

As we drive through the City of Angels, we invoke complete surrender to the divine, to trust the path and the support of a friendly universe. Shortly after, led to Mimosas, where I first meet Mathers, another teller of tales who had a trickster energy, poking fun with my name.

Stepping away, I feel insecure about owning my Yeshua-ness, and go through a healing around this: false humility, or being afraid to own your jam. Returning, inspiration pours through me to build a comicbook of the previous episode, which I show to the Goddesses. One is so moved she breaks down in tears, bending to kiss my feet. In the midst of handing me my laptop, hugging me, I set it aside, and accidentally it slides into the pool of water behind me, rendering my main publishing tool unusable.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” I think to myself, looking at Peter I say, “There’s no point in reacting. It’s a test.”

“You’re right. We have to hold the line and just trust.” He replies.

I wanted to push forward so we could honor the time limit on the car, and the allies that helped us get this far. Yet, as we went ahead, we were blocked by an endless traffic stream. We turn around and return to Mimosas, where we encounter Kundra Rose in synchronicity. Again, the Physics of the Quest, that despite what things seem, the universe is guiding us where we are meant to be. This was our first time meeting. We embrace, in a sense of soul kinship, and she gives me a book on magic symbols after I play some wood flute.

We head up the mountain to visit the labyrinth, as Peter and Kundra catch up, being longtime friends and all. It was a magical time and setting, and I worked with each step to have gratitude; but things were not perfect, shadows flowing in the substance beneath, of feeling burnt by the popular interactions at this day and age, of the automatic leap into talk of process. Where I longed for a deeper grounding and connection in relationship.

I walk to the edge of the cliff, where I invoke a deep forgiveness spell, agitation coursing through me at the incoherence of the collective, and the inability at the time to see the full importance of our mission. That we were learning to discern what a “fair-weather” ally is, as compared to someone who really grounds in and shows up day in and day out, or on the regular supporting the Quest.

Entering the Greenlands

Shifting to the Realm of the Greenlands as Magi of the Mythica

As we drive on towards Shasta, I sense a deep shift in the textures of the Aina, a deep feeling relief coming through the lush green, that I am right where I’m meant to be, revitalizing my faith in the pilgrimage.

Peter feels my vibration and says, “I’m happy for you, things will be better from here. I am honored I could bring you this far through the realms.”

I know it is true, the fulfillment of the promise he made to me when we first met at the roundtable in the mountains of Crestone. I reply, “As it is mine. It feels like I’m coming home, like I can breathe again.”

As we pull into the headwaters, we discuss the realms of the magical World, how we embody the quality of vibration that makes up “Faerie” and encounter others in synchronicity who share this.

I ask if we could stop by the headwaters, as I had heard of its mystical properties but had never been. We stop, and as I step out, I feel the expansion, the land supporting me, that I am meant to be here, and the road is carrying me to fulfillment of my voice, to my people.

Peter says to pay attention to the Great Story. The spring is a gathering point for the tribe and fellow travelers. That being made of our resonance, we will meet others of the fae clan in synchronicity.

Just after, we run into Navi Ethereal, who we had first and last saw at the Ancient Mystery School where we gave the talk at Zen Awakening. Again, he arrives in the Mythica, having just traveled down from Canada, getting here at the same moment in timespace as we.

This further shows the Physics of the Quest, that we are all connected, each a part of the revelation of the Great Story of our Awakening.

Discovering the Shire

As we continue, we enter the sacred shire of Ashland, where Peter recounts the Avatars of Avalon he met during his time in the realms.

Suddenly the landscape shifts, as we enter the sacred shire of Ashland, the scent of moss and sweet musk on pine thickening to fill the atmosphere as we enter Ashland. Driving past the valley, Peter points to a house where he stayed with Kundra, Luncinda Loves, Dakota Kaiser, Joyous Heart and others, at a place called Heaven and Earth.

In Ashland we stop at the Cripple Creek music store that was where Peter got many of his instruments on the Quest, including muse. Visiting the music store, I connect with the devas of wood and sound, reflecting on how far I’ve come to get to the realms of the bardic. A dream that has sit within my heart as a seed all my life, to sing the new songs. Peter shares of the bards of Avalon, that will love to meet me, just as he had said to me in 2016 at the roundtable. Everything has it’s time and place, I suppose.

Stopping at the co-op, we encounter the Sadhu, who was last seen in the vedic realms of Crestone. An extreme yogi of renunciation, his presence has always triggered me; as there is an element of trying to get out of the self so intensely that it is imbalanced. Again, I take the opportunity to work ho’oponopono with myself, as he is just being himself, my judgement is a reflection of my own lack of healing this aspect of myself; which is my part to face. I work the forgiveness, becoming aware of the knot within around the power and heart. Though I didn’t see it at the time, I gradually came to see him as an Angel, meant to embody an extreme connected to everyone’s healing.

Before we go, Peter insists we stop by the Goddess Temple. We drive by, as no-one appeared to be there, and he tells me of it as a sacred place for the divine feminine.

Opening the book of Magic Symbols, 3 cards fall out…

Wynden Keep

“We are finally here! Thank god, I’ve been on the Quest for so long, working on the Mythica. I’ve missed my faerie family.”

The keep is welcoming, a 5 pointed star atop the signs of the dragon. We are the only ones here, so we let ourselves in, and are greeted by the dogs, as I gaze over towards the maypole. There is a sense of home-coming.

This is right where we are meant to be, we both agree. Peter points out the bus, “Is that the MythMaker’s?” many time he had mentioned them, his brother Hjeron, speaking highly of their magic, a rainbow traveling performance troup that lays it down at Burningman and the like.

He invites me to the back forest, where we set up our tents. Throughout, I can feel the realms of Faerie Bardic in the ethers, of family and new possibilities, as Peter tells me of his previous times here.

As I rest that night, my heart open, I dream of all that could happen. Of sharing my voice, meeting the tribe, going to the gatherings…

I feel the door behind me close as another one, ever more magical, opens. It is like a dream of the Divine playing out – the visions, fulfillments, and enlightenments of my, our, Awakening.

I reflect on the premise of the Physics of the Quest, that if I am made of the vibrations of faerie and the bardic, I will continue to encounter others that embody these qualities. How will the physics of the Quest prove true, through what wonder and synchronicity?

On the Quest I am always moving towards the fulfillment of the Seed Within of my Life Vision. How is being led here the fulfillment of this? How will this help the voice to come out?

I breathe into my best of faith, drifting into sleep.

The Emerald City

The next day we return the rental at first light, in Eugene, known as the Emerald City for a good reason. Peter had heard that it was the day of the Oregon Country Fair, so we feel our way across the realms through the Inner Compass, crossing the street between the green to the grey, where we get directions. Stopping in a cafe, we are given a free coffee, a sign of abundance.

Peter and I have had a special relationship, as I’ve trained in the Akasha Yoga, learning to track my way across the realms. Both an elder and a brother, I continued to see the reflections of his royalty and fae nature, in the way he held himself and upon the signs on the path. Here, a stone in the light reads “Honor”. I would learn the ways of kingship with him, much like the Arthurian times.

Laughing hysterically, Peter sings and revels as we walk the paths of green, and I look at him with a smile. At the street corner he asks a woman wearing a shirt that reads “and still she persisted” for directions to the County Fair, where Jesse and Raven are.

She gives us directions to the bus stop where we can get a ride there. Following the synchronicity, we find our way there, where we learn that we need a ticket to board. Waiting, considering our options, Peter suddenly asks me, “do you hear that?”

A piano gently plays in the background, walking around the corner a trees parts way to vision of a man playing a street piano across the way. We walk over and the mans asks where we came from. Peter says, “We come from Faerie.” “Where’s that?” He asks. “Between the raindrops.” Peter replies.

Things get more playful as we make our way downtown, and we release our song. A group of people gather for the bus, and we are appreciated, taking it as a sign that the land loves us and we are in our right place.

Peter is led to address the People, “Good people of Eugene, we are Into the Mythica, publishing our journey across the magickal world, and have just arrived! If you liked the music and would like to contribute, please consider a donation!”

A couple people raise their hands, offering us a few dollars, enough to purchase us tickets for the bus. One of them hands me a hat to pull a reading of a line of word, a divination offered in the moment of the unfoldment.

The Old Roads

We make our way towards the fair via the bus. Dropped at the road, we walk a while before hitch hiking, and are picked up in a blue truck.

Brought a ways closer, we stop at station where we meet our driver, of the ancestry of Scotland, who Peter shares talkstory of his journey to Scotland with the lads in Faerie Roads. An alignment of the threads of faerie and scotland is sensed in our movement through the underlands of the Mythica.

He shares, “The Scots have a special relationship with the Faeries, that allowed them to grow amazing things in the garden.”

Peter replies, “True, I saw this in my journey to Damanhur during the adventure. The land actually told me that we are made of the deva, that our forms are the garden, and that there is a deeper way of relating to the natural world that recognizes that there is no separation.”

We walk the rest of the road through the greenlands towards the fair, entering the Furtherside.

Following intuition we approach an area of venders. Here we encounter Duck, a shaper of faerie masks, crafted in the old ways. In ancient parlance we offer song and story in exchange for company and refreshments.

Wandering across the way I encounter an elder pilgrim, who was asking about where the Christ is earlier. I share my perspective of the collective awakening.

Affirmed and inspired by perspective and youth, he says, “Absolutely. Thy will be done.” Shifting into the Mythica, we see each-other as vessels for the Divine.