2018-5-31 – “Vortex Valley”

Feeling the strong pull to go deeper into the heart of Faerie, I receive invitation from Peter to join him at Valley Center, near the realms of Blissville. I leave the garden oasis and the shores of Encinitas, parting ways with Eden Sage to find my way into the realms of production and recognition my heart truly desires.

Walking along the shore of the ocean, I check my inner compass. Having journeyed through the gardens with Eden Sage, a subtle shift is felt beneath. A desire to travel deeper into the realms of Faerie arises, through the emergent centers of light towards the actualization of my Gift; to continue my training, clearing and opening so that my Voice can come out and I may take the rainbowbridge to the brighter Worlds of abundance.

Suddenly, a message comes across the ethers, arriving to my tablet, “It’s on, can you get out here?” Its from Peter Fae. He tells me of a realm of lavender fields, filled with magickal shrines, a place that wishes to be a spiritual center.

“It is deep in Faerie, right near Blissville, where Niekko Chin resides with a group of producers of the conscious scene. The Avatars of the Awakening are arraigning here.” Peter says, “I feel it strongly. We can work from here.”

I feel the call, once again resonant with my heart’s desire. My time was up at the cottage at the end of Portal Street, with Eden taking off for the west. As I pack, I reflect on how we are seeds of the Awakening are being led across the skin of Gaia to facilitate the pollination of the divine plan.

I am ready to leave the next day, and follow the directions Peter gave me northward.

I pass through the gardens, saying goodbye to these realms of sanctuary, healing and love that I have taken refuge in after our passage through the deep desert, where I saw glimpses and glimmers of Heaven on Earth.

As I walk the path, I make constant invocations of abundance, breathing into the feeling tone while clearing any disharmony in myself through forgiveness and drawing on the energies of the Deva.

After delivering a potion of earth for money, I get a haircut at a Salon called “Utopia” and make my way to the train, where I arrive at just the right moment before boarding and they give me a free ride, which I take as a realmsign of abundance.

At the next bus, I am mysteriously given a free day pass by the driver, another realmsign. I arrive at Valley Center, where I am picked up by Justin Cos Moore, who is revealed to be a shamanic sound artist and tantrik magician, his key sigil is Earth Magic.

“I feel the confluence, that we here to embody the change we wish to see. The Awakening is happening through us. The true value lay in what we are inherently.” I say.

“Exactly, what we are all moving through has to do with the clearing of value, so that our true divinity and gifts to the world stage can come out. I’ve been inpired a lot by the conversations with Peter on this.” Cos replies.

Walking together in fellowship, we grab some supplies for the journey ahead a store in the commonwealth. I use the recent abundance to get the healthiest organic food to share with Peter.

Cos says, “I need to stop at the guitar center, to pick up a special cable for a device that plays the music of plants.”

“This is not the first time I have heard this device, I see you are another ambassador of the Deva, the nature spirits.” I say,

“Yes, the sacred relationship with the deva is so important, that communion allows us entry into a deeper state of awareness. I bridge this into my own practice, which I’ve been calling Deva Tantra.” He says,

“As do I, Peter and I have called it Deva Yoga. I feel the weave of our pathlines converging to facilitate the exchange of these energies, to allow more of our collective song to come out.”

“As do I, brother.” He looks at me with a kind smile and bright eyes, as we drive through the darkness of winding roads towards the lavender fields, deeper into the sacred land, he says, “I call this place the Valley Center Vortex.”

We arrive there amidst the nightfall. Upon stepping out of the car I am surrounded by falling purple lights hanging from the trees with streams of green laser lights passing through them, the air is fresh and cool. Down the path he takes me where there is a sacred labyrinth. I feel the confluence of the energies of Faerie, and there is an aura of mysticism.

He brings me to the top of the hill and gives me a cot in the trailer to sleep in for the night. Here I awaken to a remote landscape and meet with Peter, to continue our missionary work to bring the Mythica to the people.

Arriving to the Lavender Farm

I find myself in a place of lavender fields, sacred labyrinths and gardens, far outside the outskirts of Encinitas…

The sign of the tree and the buddha appear on the path to the Peace Garden, near where we set up our tents.

The Yellow Deli

Didgeridoo and magic tribe video

Characters Appearing in this Episode

Justin Cos Moore