2018-11-26 Fellowship of the Strongheart

There’s an appropriateness to the suchness, to being led here to Jerry Strongheart’s place of keep. After encountering him in synchronicity at the Temple of Story of the Eugene Library, Peter and I followed his invitation for a visit.

I reflect back to how I was led to him first at the Dream Weavers Sactuary, having come from the Tribal Vision Festival. We shared the tone of story and of honor for the earth. He’s always been an ambassador of the medicine of stone.

Its very clarifying, being in this space with Jerry. As we sat by the firelight in fellowship, magic and story flowed through us. We felt the song of the mother, the Great Story that unites us, of that which we are the vessels for.

“Its the great alchemy, that of balancing the elements within to birth the new world.” I say.

“Its the great grandmother, if you listen to her she will show you the way to bliss.” Jerry says by the fire. 

“Here we are, this is just the current dress she wears. All of us embodiments of story by the fire.” I say, a shivic wave passing through me.

Peter looks wisely from the fire at us, witnessing the wonder as he often is, “this is why I created the Mythica, to witness the rise of our shared song, in service to the Mother.”

He brings us up into the apartment to share some nourishment with us.

Jerry says, “I have the owl medicine, allowing me to span many dimensions. Once I was taken on a journey back to the heart of the creation and back again, bearing treasures.”

I show him the Faerie Worlds episode. He witnesses us in our aspect, “You are some special kind of faeries.”

“You’re quite the magickian, Jerry,” Peter says with a smile, led to show him the photos of the elementals he’s witnessed on the path. “Its all in service to Her.”

Jerry kindness gives us a room to sleep in. Entering, there is a portrait of Shiva and a toy snake. Peter and I look at oneanother, witnessing the appropriateness.

As I lay on the floor, a deep clarity on the past chapter of my journey through the Mythica comes through.

I reflect back to all the characters I encountered at the Dream Weavers Sanctuary, on Jerry, Star, Jodi, Yndon, Anthony and Natural. All these characters from my journey through Crestone share a suchness, a perfection of the myth expressing through them, playing out as their very sense of self and the medicine that they embody. Its the very exaltation of divination, that of recognizing them in their Aspect, in their Mythica.

I share this with Peter, recognizing, “I haven’t always seen it, not fully.”

“That’s the nature of the unfoldment.”

“Now, I see that there is an appropriateness to the story, to the recognition of the Mythica of these characters. That we were all led to intersect to share this mythic significance, and that I would be led to recognize the suchness of their embodied magic.

There is a shared tone that resounds between all of us, that of the return to the land, the honoring of the mother and one another. Only now do I come to see it more clearly.”