2018-1-16 – “The Magician’s Oasis”

Peter and I are led to the Magician’s Oasis, the home of a stage magician at a convergence of the leylines of story and stage, hinting material success and sacred fellowship. We continue to face the trials of value, as I study the mystic arts and work to birth the Seed Within.

We are invited by Samson Love, an emissary of alchemy and the techniques of inner fire. Here we meet a fellow royal, Michael Welsh, a performer and producer in the realms of Vegas, who graciously holds space for us as we work on the Mythica.

It is much the deserts of Shiva, of the refinement and grounding of heavenly awareness into the Earth, in a constant forge with the learning and practice with Peter.

Our journey takes us once again across the deserts of fire, on the legs of trust and faith. With the negotiation of sudden shifts in agreements, our allies help us make our way. It is a thing of deep frustration, requiring us to the depths of forgiveness to forge our way across the shadows of fellowship and value.

The night is dark, yet I hold course, applying my magic, holding the tone of abundance across the relentless road. As we approach the Oasis, we feel a shift, as the winding passageway opens to Las Vegas. Brought here by the appearance of Samson Love in the field, we sense the galactic, of fellowship and abundance on the horizon, determined to redeem these patterns in our manifestation.

Arriving, we meet two brothers of the Light, Samson, a yogi and alchemist, who introduces us to Michael Welsh, a performer and producer of the realms of Vegas. Through their graciousness, we are granted a place to produce the Mythica, signs of support and manifestation.

We find ourselves at an Oasis in the desert, the home of a stage magician away at sea, where the leylines of story and stage meet on the outskirts of Las Vegas.

A sign most notable as we first arrive, reads “The Man Who Knows.”

More and more, I witness the angelic nature of Peter’s character in the Mythica. That of paladin in service to the Awakening, a bodhisattva bringing heavenly awareness to the Earth.

This is where I first meet James Vogel, who I would later come to know in the islands of Maui. Here is my first sense of our shared inspiration as artists.

My first gaze upon his artwork reveals the mystical nature of his consciousness, that of bridging ancient alchemy into precise rendering.

Grace & Muse video

In the Akasha, we are in a realm of practice and production…

Peter Lymric

Led to the Happy Earth Market, we invoke the bardic, witnessing this octave of the rainbow Tribe gathered at a nexus of light, a bastion of Guardians in the midst of a City of Sin.

Garden of Earthly Delights

Michael works his magic, weaving a production called the “Garden of Earthly Delights”, based on the concept of the garden of the mind. Sadie arrives in her Aspect as modern priestess, sharing her readings and wonder.

It is a time of alchemy and healing, of drawing upon the elements of the Aina to purify my being and align with the Seed Within.

The trees call to me, beckoning me nearer the Truth…

That Michael would arrive as a reminder, that we are all connected by the roots, where we would witness us each as an expression of the World Tree.

A giant mirror lay within the sanctum of the Oasis, perfect to invoke the magic of Self Love, as I face my reflection to heal and redeem the patterns that lay within.

From Peter I continue to learn the mystic arts of the Akasha Yoga, of witnessing my golden thread across the vibrational skein of space and time, of the patterns that create our manifestation and of the sacred seed that lay within us all, aching to blossom the New Paradigm. It is a sacred relationship, an apprenticeship that is my honor.

Returning to the company of Michael, he offers us a divination.

Crossing the byways of the canals of Vegas, the tones beneath shift across the rainbow road, as I come to look at the Path in new light through the shamanic guidance of Peter.

We approach the Mythos, a river of myth that flows through us.

Our time comes that we must leave, as we are unable to provide the rent to maintain our stay, we work constant to clear the patterns within to see the way to acquire the resource and recognition. Something was blocked, leading us to a wall. It was extremely frustrating and disheartening, fostering a sense of defeat and inability to manifest the conditions that we desired. It would be revealed to be the will of the divine, part of a larger network of karmas and resolutions.

It was extremely stressful to our host, so Peter offers his lenses as recompense, over-covering the costs of our stay and expenses.

Sadie appears in her elvish aspect just as we leaving the Oasis, a portent of realms to come.

A gift for our Quest, recognized in the graciousness of Vegenation, we are granted a free meal and desert before leaving for the shores of California.

Invited by a temple of priestesses of Gaia, we take the offer as a sign of support in the difficulty.

Passing through the courtyard for a last time, roses of every color bloom to the sweetness of spring freshly dawned.

Shifting and changing across the path, led through the golden gate to board the bus westward, our Quest continues.

Characters Appearing in this Episode

Samson Love – @alchemistmc, Michael Welsh, Peter Fae – @peterfae