Love and Law

In Revelation by Yeshua Lucis

A sword can make the cut,
But we need the waters
from compassion’s cup,
Fills us up.
Love alone may not survive
Without discernment
Clarity in our minds eye
Cuts through illusion dry.
A balance between,
A special kind of alchemy,
Arranged by the divine
All our threads weaving together
In the tapestry of life.
Every intersection is
A wealth of transformation had
Embodied is our value
And valor it is to recognize…
For this is the balance
Of Love and Law.

There is a balance to be had in all things. An especially important wielding is between that of Love and Law, that of Amor and Virtue. In Love, all things are made whole, cherished and held by tender care. She is the cup of compassion and the washing waves of forgiveness and acceptance. That which brings easement and soothing to the suffering.

All is healed in Love, for Love is the driving force behind creation itself. The wellspring from which all life is drawn forth.

Then there is Law, the sword of Truth that cuts through illusion, that knows what is real and what lacks substance. The lord of discernment that sits at the throne of awareness. Clarity is abiding in natural Law. It is here that we may step into the crucible of virtue, that we are able to be clear in intent and understanding, so as to move into the stance of our own Victory.

Victory follows Virtue.

As Peter Fae, paladin of God, says, “Nobility is its own reward.”

I strive to embody the virtues of the new roundtable, of equality and fairness in the recognition of collective consciousness. I move ever towards understanding and being in accordance with the intellegence of nature, with God’s Law, that there is no separation, that each of us in connected in the web of life sharing intrisic value in an alchemy of relationship. The people that appear on our path embody different qualities that further our healing and growth. It behooves us to honor the qualities of their being.

One such beloved character that has embodied the watery depths of Love for me is Shelby Katherine, who I encounter in the Nectar of Naples storyline of 2017.

The way of grace and patience falls easily upon her form, holding the sway of the ocean in her compassionate and tender touch. A flower amongst the concrete, working through the cracks to bloom into a garden of the New Earth.

Her way of receiving me in my aspect of embodiment and budding clarity was deeply healing, a balm to a long-standing frustration with not being met. I am able to share of having returned to the land, healing and clearing my consciousness, and embarked on the adventure of the Mythica to step into the deeper embodiment of who I truly am. Inside of my tone, there is a song that is being sung, that has been longing to come out for so long.

My aspect is deeply healing for Shelby, for she is working through her voice and expression to step into her own Truth. In my own Gift I assist in clearing through that which asked to be released in the light of awareness. I hold the torch of clarity, having embodied a quality that brings her healing, while she holds the waters of love, in the quality of that which brings healing and growth for me. There is a shared deepening of authenticity, as we hold each other in the regards of mutual respect. This is the physics of Virtue. As we honor one another, more of our powers may come forth. We may heal the distortions within our selves so that we may step into a brighter octave of our own song.

Here with Peter in the training of the Akashic Yoga, there is a gravity developing in the aura of our shared resonance. He embodies the roundtable and the divine masculine, honoring me and respecting me. He is an illuminated being that also learns from others. In his embodiment and our shared luminance, I gain tremendous growth. The evolution of my character is uplifted and liberated by the wisdom that he holds and shares. I recognize that this alchemy we have shared has allowed my self to release my heart song and to connect with others such as Shelby in a bright light of Clarity, helping the seeds of the New Earth to be seen and bloom forth.

As Peter relayed to me this morning, the qualities that we share are more steadfast than the bodies that we wear. We are the current incarnation of these qualities playing out in shared interaction upon the world stage, giving rise to shared definition and evolution. This is Law. To know this is Clarity. To Align with this is Virtue. To accept and embrace the whole of the unfolding play, is Love. May the Grace guide our steps between.

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