Returning to our True Nature

In Revelation by Yeshua Lucis

We are here with a purpose, an individual gravity of a much larger divine intent. Wrought with the very qualities that we are to fulfill our sacred functions. Each of us connected in a Great Story, fulfilling the alchemy of our interconnected relationship.

We are the formless coming into form, made of the substance from which all is given rise, only to fall once again in the gravity of its own becomingness.

I am here in service to the One. To the source from which I am given life. To the mother Earth, the source of all life. I have been gifted with the talents and cultivations that I have in order to fulfill the function that I was have incarnated to fulfill. For me, its to help humanity awaken to the truth inside of them. That we are one. That we are all connected. That there is no separation.

I have come to see that when we regard others as an aspect of our self, that we come to see the truth, that we are One. That every other is an aspect of that Self, of which we all are. It serves us to hold the aspects of our Self in high regard and to honor their presence. Their inherent qualities as intrinsically valuable to our own existence. Every being in our life represents an aspect with importance to our evolution and growth. By holding a tone of reverence and bowing before the wisdom of another we enhance their qualities within our own individual self and its value is recognized within the collective field. This heals the wound of value and enhances shared Victory. Together we grow in shared luminance.

Our power is within us. Directly inside of the body. Addressing things energetically is where we can affect change. By bringing the awareness into the body, and facing the issues of disharmonies that are held in various part of the self inside a loving gaze of nonattachment, while discerning the various textures that are tied to resolving patterns of meaning. Inside of this is the learning of the lessons. By resolving these issues inside of the body, and clearing them, we heal our self, and our circumstance clears up to the degree that it is meant to.

In this way, as we do this individually, we are healing our portion of the collective distortion that gives rise to the disharmonies found in the world at large. By doing so, we take direct responsibility for our reality. We realize that which is without is given rise to by that which is within us. By clearing our portion together, Heaven becomes a place on Earth. We return to the Grace and Abundance that is our true Nature.

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