We Are the Super Heroes

In Revelation by Yeshua Lucis

As I continue to deepen into the great Revelation I realize that we are here to create an entirely new form of media. This is the redemption of the human story. Peter Fae and I are setting the tone for a new way to see oneself and the world, so as to reveal the Great Story of our destiny and how we’re all connected…it is a heroic task, and the result is that of which the likes have not been seen.

The Truth is, we are the heroes of our own Stories. Our powers are our latent unique abilities waiting to be unlocked within each of us, the seeds within us, our great offering to the world. It is there, within each of us, this Greatness. It is just waiting to be revealed. And so we are here to help the world to remember. Remove the shroud and reveal your greatness, and come to see the Gifts that lay within you.

We are part and parcel of a pantheon of Avatars, here to transform the planet and anchor in a new consciousness, a new way of being. The values we represent are harmony, love, peace, abundance and righteousness, living in a redeemed way with one another and the Earth. In mutual respect and reciprocity we form a new Round Table, and embody the change we wish to see in the world. This is the sacred space in which we set the tone for a new reality.

It is interesting, the revelation started to come through clearly while watching DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, a superhero series. That the heroes and their powers are a reflection of us, our powers ranging from subtle to apparent in many different forms. That there is a way we can see ourselves as the Heroes on the Quest, and come to live our lives inside of that way of being. The Truth is, its a matter of perception, can we see ourselves as the heroes here to change the world? At the crossroads where perception meets manifestation, we can live in that Reality. We can be the heroes here to save the World…but what does that look like in the everyday? That is the adventure of being alive. The everyday heroes journey.

It is an interesting thing, to experience a depth of range in consciousness, and to be experiencing regular realization and revelation, on the daily. I feel as though I have been charged by God with documenting my Path and sharing the downloads of what has been coming through. In a sense its like Moses bringing the tablet down to the people, except, the teachings coming through now are more appropriate to this Age, and the particular movements in consciousness we are collectively experiencing. It is still conveyed in tablet, back then it may have been etched in stone, except now it is on glass shown in light. Yet, it is all the Story of Life…

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