2017-9-27 – “Dream House of the World Changers”

Led once again from the edges of the dragonspine mountain, I descend to the town of Crestone. Hungry from camping, I remember of a food bank where I encounter Afton Fleming, who invites me to the visit the Dream House of the World Changers, as sacred lodge of aspiring change makers in the desert valleyside.

Arriving at the gates, an altar of earth awaits, as I pass through the realmgate to encounter Afton. The dream of this emergent community pushes through as seed through the mind of Gaia.

Within is a shrine to the elements with a sign above that reads “We Are All Interconnected.” A sure sign of this realm of shared emergent consciousness, that we are all coming back to the web of life and the elements of ourself to birth the new paradigms.

As she describes the mission of the World Changers, I see the correlations. That of coming together in ritual with the medicine of the land and working to clear the self, to actualize planetary change from a level of individual embodiment.

I learn that this house was founded as a dream lodge, as well.

The portal of the rainbow opens on a drive past the Dream Weavers Sanctuary.

Heading to the trade center, I encounter Star Chema, medicine woman and emissary of hemp, bees and sacred water. Here, I see her daughter Rhianna for the first time since the Hanuman Temple in 2015, before I went to Tribal Vision.

“I just returned from a ceremony in the mountains, where I had a vision of us as stars, each connected by a grand constellation.” Star shares with me.

The totem of the bee is felt, sensing our emergent hive mind, I reply, “We are all connected, led to these vortexes to gather the codes of the New Earth and pollinate them out across the planet.”

Heading to the nearby town of Saguache with Afton, a mysterious man gifts her a photograph of a bee, of which we divine as relative to our shared unfoldment.

Having sold my truck, I now get a motor powered bicycle to continue my ministrations in Crestone before leaving for Zen Awakening. Riding down the long winding road back towards Crestone, an amazing sense of freedom and expansion is over me, of a lightness having let go of things that weren’t serving me. A vision comes to me then, a budding dream; that of traveling lightly across the planet, with more liberated movement and connection.

I was so naive to the challenges that lay ahead to the actual manifestation of that.

At the World Changers, I hold space for the direction of the project and for shifts in the team. Yash Akasha arrives, a key founder of the organization.

“I saw this as a place for us to activate our gifts. For people to become empowered to be the change.” He says.

My passage across the leylines brings me back once again to where this all started. Near the Desert Oasis and the rainbow serpent shrine, I see the dusk illuminate these lands as I pass on Homestead Road the other way to find a small apartment to work out of until the events of Zen Awakening.

I’ve come full circle, yet this has been a redemption, the patterns clearer on my lens of perception. I’ve shifted octaves on the rainbow bridge.

We Are the Ones


Leaving the World Changers for a small apartment in the valley near Homestead Rd, I prepare for my journey to Zen Awakening.

I have a talk with Peter Fae through the portal of a video chat, where he shares with me the nature of spellcraft from his vantage. That of being aware that everything is made of vibration, that we are working with the very substance of the self in order to achieve a particular effect in our manifestation.

Riding my motorbike into the town of Crestone, there is the sense of my casting sigils, sensing myself in a realm of abundance. Anthony comes across my mind’s eye, as I intuit I will see him soon.

Arriving to the Elephant Cloud, I intersect with him, as we speak of our magic and the shared relationship with the ancient alchemy of sigils. His aspect emerges again of the lion totem, as he shares with me the mystical power of the lion as that of carrying strength, courage and a sovereign relationship with Nature.

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Heading back to the apartment, I continue to layout my story, sketching grimoires of my Quest.

In the midst of working on the episode of “Initiation”, where I first led to the rainbow serpent shrine and meet Krystleyez, a powerful integration comes through for me.

The world needs a new form of telling stories. The world needs a new form of media. A platform to help us remember the sacred path of our human unfoldment. The revelation that we are all connected inside a much larger story of our shared awakening. Humanity needs a beacon, a reminder of the goodness, for Grace, of the truth.

From my Journal of the Quest

At this time, I walk outside dictating into my journal, when Wonder Bob, the very steward of that shrine, pulls up with Pray, who bears the sigil of Peace, Love and Unity. They had just returned from a journey into the sacred Land, where he saw the deva emerge through the waterfall.

In the coming days, my family from the midwest arrives, who I hadn’t seen since my visit at the end of 2016. Its a beautiful confluence, reminding of the realms from which I came, that I was born into a particular set of conditions to embody what I have become. That of the more corporate realms of the supposedly mundane world, to the more shamanic embodiment of my relationship with the Creation.

It’s appropriate for them to arrive now, before I would make my journey on to Zen Awakening, continuing my sacred pilgrimage to bring the Mythica to the planet and share my voice in a chorus of Awakening.

Journeying with them to the Joyful Journeys, I again come back to the labyrinth of the events of Resurrection, approaching the Angel with a humble and reverent prayer to the earth.

It is a sense of coming back to this point of geomancy on the skin of Gaia, where the tones of rebirth still hang thick in the akasphere.

Continuing on to the sand dunes, I realize that the very sticker given to me by Krystleyez at the shrine was the bottom lotus of the art piece “Alchemy” that laid on my altar in the days before we met. It was a potent connection I had not made until this moment.

After my family leaves, I return to Crestone, contemplating the nature of the friendly universe at the precipice of an overview, how these natural laws are distilling into deeper understanding of my sacred path.

Descending to the Cloud, I run into ( ? ) who had helped me tow my truck from the forest when it was broken down in the events of “Eureka”. He invites me to a gathering honoring the Day of the Dead.

The song following is quiet perfect and portentous…

Characters Appearing in this Episode

Afton Fleming, Yash Akasha, Star Chema