2017-7-25 – “Convergence of the Change Agents”

Traveling deeper into the realms of the djedi, I encounter the Guardian Alliance and am led to a gathering of change agents where I meet Adam Apollo, fellow knight of the grail and galactic emissary.

Returning to Crestone, I enter the Cloud Cafe. Feeling a resonance shimmer across the space, I look to my right to see sigil of the Guardian Alliance upon the laptop of two bright beings.

“Are you with the Guardian Alliance?” I ask.

“Yes, we are!”

Sharing our mission and the significance, they invite me to a conference of converging change agents from across the planet.

“This proof of the synchronicity,” I say, “that we are being led to intersect in service to the Awakening.”

“Absolutely, we live this too.”

Before the gathering, I meet Adam Apollo for the first time, an emissary of the galactic and inspirational weaver of spells and Light in service to the Awakening. Our shared resonance reflects the stars of the galactic into the roots of the Tree of Life.

“You’re definitely elvish.” He says.

He gives a talk on a new paradigm online Academy they are co-creating, centered around the metaphor of Garden to teach spiritual truths and initiations. Sensing our shared purposing, I see us as the hollow reeds of the same great Tree.

Heading to the lobby, I see a sign that shows a mysterious layer to the reality of Crestone, as the bottom spells out EDEN, being held by a visage of the Magdalene.

Returning to the conference room, I encounter Estaryia Venus, sharing her codes of Light through the invocation of healing sound. After, we meet, sharing of our journey of miracles and embodied wonder, facing the shadows of our path that temper us to be instruments of the Divine.

The closing of the ceremony unites the elements and directions. As I witness us gathered, I see us as the expressions of a grand transition in the consciousness, a sense of the bigger picture sweeps across the Akasha…

Afterword, Victory greets me, her arrival carrying the tones of abundance and connection, further sign on the shores of manifestation.

Still, I know not where I will go. Heading to the Cloud Cafe, I am reminded by Brett that Lisa Bodey needs someone to watch her tiny house off-grid, leading me to the remote valleyside once again.

Characters Appearing in this Episode

Adam Apollo – @adamapollo, Miranda, Joshua Smith