2017-4-17 – Context Is Everything

We must reframe the context of our Life Story to allow for the magickal unfolding to take place. Where all the right pieces come into place at the right time. Life isn’t a mechanical process separate from us, we are intrinsically one with life and connected to it inextricably. It isn’t something that exists without our perception. While it is how it is, it is how we are seeing it.

It is the framing of the Story inspired by the witnessing of the mythic qualities of immediate reflection that cultivates immersion in a mythic life. Is it a framing or a witnessing of the Story of myth and magick that evokes it? It seems to me to be a combination. A wielding. An act-of-surrender, an active surrender, to what wishes to come through, or what we wish to come through. It is a matter of perspective, of energetic relationship with reality.

We are the wisdom keepers, we are the brilliance of the universe in manifest form. We just must Remember our bright function! We are all seers, at varying levels of depth of awareness of that process. We all have the ability to divine our own path. Just as something is prophesied, we all do this consistently. We must recognize our natural intelligence, which pervades beyond dualistic hyper rational thought. It is much more all encompassing and wholistic. It is direct perception. It is the brilliance of each unique being coming to realize the nature of its own existence and its bright function in the world.

The work is to reframe the entire context for our life stories. For us to define what the stage of the world is and how we play together on it. For there are no stone written eternal rules for behavior and thought, except that which has been imprinted upon the clay our mind-bodies in various degrees of conditioning.

Now is our time…As kings and queens, gods and goddesses of the lands within and without, to reclaim our rightful place as heirs to the Book of Life. To rewrite the Great Story with conviction and zeal, and to become the rightful stewards of our realities. We have the ability to place our selves in the thrones of our brightest bodies, and gain access to divine inspiration.

We are living legends. Our bodies stone and our minds chisels, etching the story of life into existence. We have the opportunity to co-create with the dance of creation.

When we do the practices of atunement with the elements we gain access to new inspiration, spontaneous healing, and the dissolving of energetic patterns within that transform the circumstances of our lives.

Connect with the Elements, and embody your most essential self.

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