2017-4-15 – “Resurrection”

At the Keep of the Dragon, I meet Ashleigh Renee, priestess of the Djedi Templar, who was invited by Lindsay Semilla to the ceremony. She is closely connected to Krystleyez, who first introduced me to Peter Fae.

In the timeline, this occurred as we progressed into Easter.

Her, Anthony and I drive through the outstretched desert valley to the ceremony of Resurrection. She is guided to sing an ancient song of Lumeria, as I pull a totem card revealing the Hawk, representing healing and rebirth.

Suddenly, a hawk swoops around in front of the truck, unavoidably being hit as I am awestruck by the coinciding timing.

We bring it to the ceremony as an offering.

Kim Doyle approaches, the yogini of Life In Perfect Balance, guiding the ritual, reading the situation. “She offered herself to us.”

It was the same thought that came to me. “Why would this all happen together in synchronicity?” I wondered, sensing the mythic undertones of the intersection in the Akasha, the canvas of space and time.

Lindsay approaches, on her own coming to the same divination. We pray with the hawk as it passes, and a steward of the sacred land prepares it as an offering for the ceremony.

It is a portal of redemption, honoring the death as an offering for new life. The quality of renewing the hoop, the circle of life.

Lindsay guides the creation of the twelve ring labyrinth, a sacred portal to channel the energies of our prayers of Resurrection.

Valorously, Ashleigh offers the sacred totem of the Hawk to the center of the shrine on the day of the retreat known as the Descent into the Underworld. This was along with each of us offering a token of a precious item of ours along with what we wished to let go of that no longer serves.

Our prayers are offered together as one Tribe, intersecting at this gridding of the New Earth.

I discover that Lindsay and Kim had just come from the West, having done a powerful invocation of the New Earth at Symbiosis. Lindsay shares how she had evoked the rose magdalene codes with Unity Grace, arrived in synchrony upon Venice Beach.

Heading into the sacred space for yoga classes, breath work and beyond, I bring crystals to the grid and work with Juicifer as we all collaborate to set up the fungshei. Rootflute, a multi-instrumentalist who carves his own flutes, comes to offer a cacao sound healing journey.

We sojourn into the day of Resurrection of the retreat, on Easter, sharing healing in the sacred Hotsprings. This was a profound occurrence for me, as we gathered into the pool, I volunteered to go first. I was held afloat by four hands, as the healer worked on my neck and spine, suspended in weightlessness, feeling myself surrender into the relaxation.

Spiraling into the center of labyrinth, we walk our prayers to be reborn.

Kim holds guardian to the center of the shrine, holding the energies of her angelic avian Aspect. After being saged by Lindsay, we approach the center to be embraced by Kim before joining at the center.

Suddenly, I see a statue of an Angel being carried to the center, arriving in perfect timing and form to bless the ceremony.

A bard arrives with a harp, led by a powerful calling of her own guidance, playing an enchanting tune as we come to the center of the labyrinth.

Here, our light grows brighter, as we open sacred space.

We come together to honor Death as a part of Life, giving Respect to All our Relations. This is no small thing, as it requires the greatest surrender, assundering our resistance and resentments as grist to the mill, blessing our light to life in service to the Presence.

As I bow to the earth, I surrender. I release all that I have been that no longer serves to invoke my highest self.

Letting go and giving forgiveness to the wounds, to be brought up in the Light. Here, I see why Christ has compassion. We are all going through the human condition, doing the best we can with the awareness we have at any given moment.

In this moment, someone arrives with a guitar and sings a song about Christ’s Resurrection.

The Truth is, there isn’t just one Christ, nor one Magdalene, nor one Buddha or Shiva, these are archetypical expressions within our Story, and the potential for the enlightened love that such Avatars live, was always meant to direct us back within to our own Divinity.

Returning to the sacred small town of Crestone nestled in the sagre de christos mountains, I reencounter the sacred geometry Lindsay introduced to me in “Seeds of the New Earth” in 2016, invoking a global collaboration of whole system transformation.

In this space of the akasha, I recognize this as a microcosmic expression of a Collective Awakening.

Characters Appearing in this Episode

Anthony Benton, Lindsay Semilla, Kim Doyle,  Ashleigh Renee