2016 – “Spine of the Dragon”

2016 - "Spine of the Dragon"

01 January 2016

2016-1 - "The Desert Oasis"

The quest had led to dragonspinewhere and mountains and valleys there collideupon the lines of spac

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03 May 2016

2016-5 – "Web Beneath the World”

At the Desert Oasis, a guiding vision had unveiled, of traveling the leylines between sacred lands,

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14 June 2016

2016-6-14 – “God Loves You”

I embark to the Cosmic Carnival with Peter Fae, facing the question of whether I am supported by a

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18 August 2016

2016-8-11 – “Tribal Vision"

Keys of the Djedi Here, it arranges for Lindsay Semilla to pick me up, a visionary new earth art

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25 August 2016

2016-8-25 – “Dream Weavers Sanctuary”

Arriving to the Dream Weavers Sanctuary, I continue along the rainbow bridge between the realms of

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08 October 2016

2016-10-8 - “Water is Life”

“Driving down the road to Crestone, I prayed. Spirit, where is my Yeshua?” Star shares with me

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19 November 2016

2016-11-19 – “Invitation to CoCreation”

Returning to the Dream Weavers Sanctuary, I journey again into the realms of community, encount

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16 December 2016

2016-12-16 – “Return to Indiana”

I am stranded at the keep. The distortions of community come up, where word is unkept by a steward

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