2016-5 – “Web Beneath the World”

At the Desert Oasis, a guiding vision had unveiled, of traveling the leylines between sacred lands, transformational festivals and eco-villages, spreading the message of the Awakening.

I look on my altar, where there lay a book called “A Revolution in Love”, I had received at the Imaginarium. Flipping it over to the back, there is a visionary art piece, “Alchemy” by Krystleyez, that perfectly encapsulates the essence of my current experience. That we are channels of divine energy that wishes to express itself through us as the creations of our life, grounding the heavens to earth as bodhisatvic angels in service to the Awakening.

Resting for the night, I make my way across the desert valley to help with a community project. Sensing a subtle pulse across the ley of the land, I follow my intuition to a neighboring homestead.

Here, I encounter Krystleyez for the first time, arriving in perfect timing with the unfoldment. When I saw her in the distance, a part of my soul just knew that we are all a part of the same star family. She gifts me a sticker of the very art piece laying on my altar.

I don’t have much time to talk. Returning back to the oasis, I am followed by a white wolf dog from the homestead. After chopping wood and carrying water, sunset approaches. He hasn’t left, so I coax him to come back with me. He runs ahead and I wave him off, as I turn to walk back he darts in front of me and stops with a smile. He wants me to come with him. So I return with him, following him all the way to Krystleyez as he runs up and jumps onto her giving her a kiss. She invites me up to the deck of her cabin.

Kindredness is on the wind, an ancient and a newness to the tone. There, conversations unfold from how art expresses the consciousness emerging through us, as emissaries of the awakening. That each of us is connected…

We share a vision of the web beneath the world, of the threadwork of synchronicity that connects us all, and I learn that this place we meet is an intentional shrine to the very leyline that had guided me here, the Rainbow Serpent.

I share with her my vision of sharing my story with the world. She says, “You must know about the Mythica. Come with me tomorrow morning to the Cloud, I have a feeling we’ll encounter Griffon there.”

The Meeting of the Roundtable

We travel to the Cloud Cafe the next morning. We sit at a roundtable, as Krystleyez remarks that he should come by at any point. I relax as we share in a galactic resonance, discussing the emergent possibilities in the field.

Of course, in perfect timing, Griffon, who I’d come to know as Peter Fae arrives. The resonance was immediate, as an aura of destiny filled the air kissed by the lightning flashes of inspiration.

He remarks how perfect it is that we’ve all met at a roundtable, here in Crestone, the crown of the land, cradled by the dragonspine mountain.

This is is a nexus point between our stories, where they all connect.

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He shared how he was moving through shadows of community, of feeling blocked from connection, and had a clearing that now gave affirmation through us that it really is all coming together. He shared this as a larger example of how we all go through our own thing in the human condition, and arrive as the answer to each-other’s prayers. He called this the Physics of the Quest… it made so much sense.

“I have come from the mountains to deliver the Mythica to the world. A platform for telling the story of our Awakening, of tracking the synchronicity and magic of our path.” He says, “You know, its perfect that we’ve all met at a roundtable. I see it as a reflection of the living mythos.”

“This is so aligned with the vision I’ve received for my life. Its like the real life version of the Celestine Prophecy.” I reply.

“It would be. Its no accident we’ve met here. More a matter of divine providence.”

“Before Krystleyez and I came, we shared a vision. That of a web of light that connects us all, that this is why we have these synchronicities.”

“Its true. I actually built the Mythica to map this out, to reveal the Great Story that connects us all….let me show you.”

He opens up a portal to reveal the Mythica.

“Wow, that’s amazing! So, its like a tree?”

“Well seen, she is a World Tree. A way of unveiling the magical world as it manifests through the physical world of happenstance. There are many stories, and they all connect. This is just the beginning of what it will become.”

“Wow! So you use your story as a model to show others the synchronicity and the moments of wonder?”

“I built the Mythica not just to show others, but to help myself remember, to counteract the drifting of my own consciousness so that I, and thus we, could see the context of the magical world more consistently, and thus live within it more constantly.”

He shows me the photos from his journey, a living proof of the magical world. He truly has been through so many realms.

As I witnessed the weaving of aka-threads that shown to the surface as the initial casting of the Mythica network, I knew it was the manifestation in the world of my very revelations.

It was then I felt us in the shared space as something much deeper, as two angels aligned in service to the divine.

“This is what I call the movement from the surface to the subtle, when transition into a deeper octave of our potential embodiment.”

He looks at me closely with a wild look, like he’s sensing into something, and suddenly proclaims with a wide smile, “You are one of the elvish! You should come to the realms of Faerie to meet my brother bards.”

An invitation I’ll never forget.

“You could become an Author for Into the Mythica, tracking your sacred path along the way.” He offers with a smile, as if he could read the contents of my soul and the purpose that was destined to blossom through me.

“Its destiny. We’re like Angels Aligned.”

Stranded in the Desert

I’m stranded in the desert. I have no idea how I’m going to move this car, as the tire flattened from yet another turn cross the earthen roads, a ripple of consequence from wintering here. I must find a way forward. Everyone else is leaving the remote village of the Desert Oasis, and I can’t stay here. I look around, seeing no one.

I reach out, but again and again, there is no help availed. It was crushing. I had stayed a short time at the nearby medicine house of the Singing Stone, but now I needed to go, I could feel it. I was ready for a new reality, on all levels. As much as the tribal realms had taught me of ceremony, I was ready for something more galactic, more expansive, to stretch my wings and fly.

I go for a long walk to work in a garden, letting go of the old, invoking gratitude and embracing the new possibilities. I stop, drawing on a spring and giving my thanks to the sacred land. Soon after, a man named Wild Coyote picks me up, sharing a miraculous story of how he survived a deadly spider bite, with nothing but acceptance emanating from him, and brings me to Crestone, where I see a baby doll on a cross as a sign of rebirth.

At the Cloud Cafe, I reencounter Peter Fae, with who I share my dilemma. Not only the tire, but how ready I am for a new reality. Of feeling abandoned by the community.

“Brother, I feel you. Believe me, I know what that’s like.” His words carry weight of real truth, bringing solace. I ask him if he will help me get the tire.

“Of course I will!” He replies without hesitation, “This is what fellowship’s about! Just help me with getting the gas money. You could even come with me to the Cosmic Carnival in a few weeks.”

Return to the Land

As we return to the Desert Oasis, a flood of memory of the shamanic initiation into the elements that had passed before me comes to the fore.

We journey on to Taos to find a replacement, walking the beauty way, finding so much more than I had imagined, true fellowship, expansion and grace. I see just how divinely aligned our missions are, as we go deeper into the Mythica. Apparently there was something benevolent going on the whole time that was guiding me…

Hanuman Temple…

On our journey back, I have an intuition to go to the Rio Grande Gorge. A place that had been a major nexus on path in times before, as I explored the western frontiers. To return there was of utmost significance now, because of our intersection in our current state of being.

As we near the earthen road that only I knew for past gypsy excursion upon the paths of synchronistic discovery, I share with Peter an ancient dream arising. That of the desire to live in a consistently magical reality.

Journey to the Wayshrine

Arriving to the magnificence of the sacred land, I feel our angelic aspect open, wings to grace. Following the winding path down into the gorge, we arrive to the sacred hotsprings nestled, soaking in the springs to invoke the spirit of the land for healing.

At the waters, I pray, aligning with the essence of the land, the Deva. Drawing upon the cleansing within, to clear my lens of perception.

This time is a redemption cue, where old patterns of the masculine and feminine rise within, of where I shut down my own sensual essence, my Shakti, and I open, I forgive, I breath deep into the waters, softening, allowing them to enter me and cleanse the distortion on a deep subtle level, inspired by Peter’s presence and teaching on healing through awareness.

As we do, there is a shift in consciousness, an opening, a healing.

Visit to the Hanuman Temple

Leaving the Village

Returning to the Desert Oasis eco-village, Peter Fae drops me off with the replacement tire for my caravan. I now have the freedom to shift realms.

I face the challenge of trusting the next phase of the journey. Walking across the desert side, I walk a no-man’s land, dawning on me that my shamanic journey must take me to the fire of direct experience. I face the fear, navigating my authenticity to pack my things and leave.

I don’t know what to say or where to go. Old patterns of the masculine and wounds of family arise. As I walk, I know that its time for a change.

I had to unleash my voice and step into my power.

I step off the ledge, letting go. I change the tire and gather my things to leave.

There is a sense of liberation and expansion, of stepping into the next phase of my journey. A rawness of authenticity and surrender, to trusting the unfoldment. I knew not what was going to come next.

Journeying the spiral to the shrine to the rainbow serpent leyline, I encounter Krystleyez and Tim Clark. They share the vision behind the gypsy art chariot they are building, following the guidance to bring their sacred art to the transformational festivals.

Here, our light opens as we step into the Mythica, coming to see that we share codes of a higher dharma, intersecting in perfect synchronicity. Krystleyez channels her witnessing of the Golden Thread of the Akasha.

It was a prime affirmation of the physics of the Quest, that I would be led to encounter them in resonance through the support of a friendly universe.

Tones of the Dragon

Journeying to the mystical town of Crestone, I encounter the sign of the dragon, the spirit of the land pushing to the surface of Gaia through the consciousness of the People.

Tim and I share such powerful codes as brothers of the Light, where I saw him as a divine reflection of my own Awakening. Each of us feeling the call to step into our voice and share our art that reveals our fractal of the collective Awakening.

Journeying on with him and Krstleyez, they bring me to a burrito stand, where I first meet Arnie and Erin, sacred alchemists of Gaia.

“Let me show you something.” Arnie says to me with a smile, reaching to a stereo system within the trailer, turning the knob. Suddenly this mysterious and mystical music starts playing as these ethereal tones met by flute and drum.

“This is the music of the plants.” He says with a smile.

“Its a device that allows the spirit of the plant to sing, and it responds to us as well, picking up on the frequency of our vibrations.” Erin says.

Going out, there are sacred vortex harmonic tools, copper wire wrapped energy field balances. Krystle picks one up and holds it towards the sun, channeling the energies of the sacred land as the spiral lands as a shadow upon her third eye.

Left ImageRight Image

Sensing across the Akasha, I feel the subtlety of the energy, of the arraignment of the perfect circumstance at this confluence of synchronicity.

It was like Heaven on Earth, a magical confluence of expansion and grace. Leaving for the forest, I steep in the events of all this synchronicity and wonder.

Then, its hell. I shift realms, and can’t access it. Again, the pattern of the split in fellowship and the lack of follow through arises in the field. Of not knowing how to access the money or connection that I desire, feeling stranded in the forest.

I didn’t know it at the time, but both Peter and I were experiencing a splinter, healing on either side of a pendulum as we initially attempt to pull together the team of the Mythica. Looking, back this was when I would first face the nature of the process, vaguely seeing how we move between these states of being, what I would learn to be different positions in the Akasha. It would be a long journey ahead to anchor Heaven to Earth and make it to the commonwealth…

The Arrow of Fire

I then pulled a tarot reading, which showed me to follow the path of the Arrow of Fire, that a rising passion was coming through me to follow my heart’s desire to grounded fulfillment. That I would need to face the disappointment of not being met to find my way to the cooling waters of the Love of Fellowship I truly wanted.

Soon after, I encounter Sierra Moonbow, a goddess of the cirques. She invites me to the earthship, where I am offered a visionary psychedelic.

I didn’t expect any of this to happen. It sent me slightly out of my body, and I am brought to a bed at the top of the of the dome. These powerful angelic presences arrive as healing energies move through me and this shakti kundalini starts flowing through me.

In the days after, I joined the Lakota medicine family for a Vision Quest ceremony, supporting the journey into a nature fasting of those seeking guidance from Spirit.

Vision Quest

On the third night, the spirits of the ancestors revealed themselves after praying to dawn, gazing upon the sacred flame. I looked up to see a council of beings around the fire, glancing down and back up again they disspeared.

Spirit channeled through me then, a powerful lesson. The Redemption for all our relations is about Forgiveness. About recognizing there is no separation. We are all connected. By taking responsibility, we can make the world a better place, clearing our portion of a collective distortion.

Yet, it was a time of recognizing the deep hipocracy and distortions of fellowship in my field. Of things I didn’t see before coming to the light. That hidden in shadowy corners were dogma and disempowered projections. A break between elder and youth, of an old paradigm of submission and resentment. I needed to fully face what was coming up, and old patterns of not being in my power and voice were coming up, ways in which I wasn’t fully showing up. It sends me into a deep place of forgiveness and letting go.

I’m not finding what I’m looking for here. I need to continue my journey to find where I am meant to be and reach my Tribe.

I had to face it. I had to find the way to become my greatest version, and step into the unknown. There must be a place for me in the World.

Seeds of the New Earth

Led to the forests above the town of Crestone, I camp, invoking trust. Descending to town, I encounter someone who offers me sanctuary for the coming two weeks, a sign of fellowship and support on the path.

Lindsay Semilla arrives, sharing with me her witnessing of the emergent culture.

“We are here to birth the New Earth,” She says to me, “Semilla means Seed. I carry a sacred seed.“

“Oh my god. I am seeing it.” I say, “We are the emissaries of the Awakening. This is why I was led to meet Krystleyez and then Peter Fae.”

“I love Krystle!”

“You know eachother?”

“Her and I are connected, much like with Ashley and the Djedi Templar.”

“I am meant to bring forward the new ceremonies.” I say to her, realizing that we are the djedi of the new world.

“I know. I see you. I work with the energies of the twelve pointed star to invoke the new systems for humanity. It was first affirmed for me at a Synergy Hub.

Come with me on a journey to the mountains. I love connecting with the dragon here.”

LeyLines of the Dragon

I first met Lindsay at sweat lodge I helped create and tend a month prior, just before I met Sean, Tim and Krystleyez, when she was here facilitating with a yearly spiritual retreat with Kim Doyle. She gave me the name of a dragon then, which I invoked at the cabin of the Desert Oasis.

I share the events with her of what happened after. That of a dark cloud forming over the sand dunes and then flying over the village in the middle of the valley within minutes, that blew winds so strong and powerful that I could lean my weight into it. I knew I was met a spirit of the mountain, a deva known as a dragon.

After she leaves I am led to look into how the dragon relates to the leylines, coming to discover that the powerful confluence of earth energies that forms as places such as this have been called Dragon Lines in ancient times.

Dream Weavers

Heading to the town of Crestone, I encounter Peter Fae once again, who shares a spell of bardic at the Cloud, invoking the magic of music and prose as Jodi Tucker arrives. Recognizing the nobility of our mission, she invites us to visit the Dream Weaver’s Sanctuary, sacred community invoking harmony with the Land and collective collaboration.

Peter honors her, witnessing the dharma that passes through her a seed of the New Earth. In which we are all coming back to Gaia, to heal our relations.

Returning to the Cloud, I intersect with Wonder Bob, a shamanic steward of the sacred Land who was led to create the Shrine to the rainbow serpent leyline, where I met Krystleyez.

Suddenly, a flurry of inspiration begins to move through him, guiding him to draw a map of the leylines. It matched the intuition I had received, and as time would have it, it would match my journey across the skin of Gaia to anchor the codes of the New Earth.

I return to the Shrine to the rainbow serpent, I encounter Happy once again, bringing the totem of the white wolf to present.

Invoking the energies of the sacred land, I draw them into my form to anchor the codes into my being. I feel the pulse of the ley flowing through the land, sensing the significance of our confluence through the Spine of the Dragon.

Left ImageRight Image

I prepare to leave for the Cosmic Carnival, packing my things for the journey ahead.

The dragon deva reveals herself in the clouds over the spine of the Crestone mountain. In the coming time, the rainbow forms over the mountain, and I know that my time has come.

Mapping the Akasha

As I look back over the story, I find a Map of Synchronicity in my inventory, revealing the golden threads of our interconnection.

Each of us is connected in the web beneath the world. Sean and Krystle traveled to South America together, where she met Tim at an Ayahuasca community. Returning to Crestone, they meet Wonder Bob, who is connected with Lindsay and the Djedi Templar, along with the grail keeper, Patricia Faust, who held space for Peter’s arrival and would took care of North … both Wonder Bob and Jodi share the guided function of being Guardians of the sacred Land, holding space for the seeds of the New Earth as they pass through the Spine of the Dragon.

Why was I led to the Imaginerium where I was gifted the Revolution of Love by Sean, holding the artwork by Krystleyez on the back? Why would I come to live on the land by the shrine built by Wonder Bob, following the guiding vision? Why would Peter and I meet at the roundtable?

These are the physics of the Quest as I’ve come to learn them; there is a divine pattern, a reason why things unfold the way they do, connected to the fulfillment of the Seed of divine purpose within us. That each of us is connected in the Awakening and the return to the Garden…