2016-1 – “The Desert Oasis”

The quest had led to dragonspine
where and mountains and valleys there collide
upon the lines of space and time
I found myself with the Divine….

The Quest had led me to the dragonspine of the Sangre de Cristos mountains, outside the mystic town of Crestone, a confluence of the leylines that dotted temples and eco-villages across the valleyside. Here, I spent months in retreat in the remote desert valleyside, at a small eco-village I came to call the Desert Oasis, following Spirit and seeking the guiding vision for my life.

I had been led to very place the prophet had told me, before passing through the Ascension Chamber at the Tribal Vision. I remember his words echo across time, “Your voice is meant to change the world. You must go to Crestone.”

Looking back, I had no idea what awaited me, only that I was following the signs and that somehow I was meant to find and connect these Centers of Light. It was father Rob that first told me of Crestone, in the spiritual center of Sedona before we were led to the Avalon Gardens, saying it matched my vision of place of emergent spirituality and sustainability.

Invoking to learn the ways of my ancestors, I was then brought north to Crestone for the first time, where I was introduced to a family of ceremony practicing ways ancient and new in what the legends called the Valley of Peace. Here, I purified with the elements, and retreated in the further reaches of the valley.

A Dream of What Could Be …

There is no such thing as chance. Within the cabin of the Desert Oasis, I found a journal from before answering the call to this leg of the journey from my hometown of Brownsburg in 2015. I flip to the last page, reading a dream I had before committing to leaving for the West.

I was walking down an endless grey street at night, with streetlights lined on either sight. It seemed endless, and I wondered when it would ever end. Suddenly, I find myself at a bridge, dazed as car whirl round me and I fling myself to safety. Tamer pulls up on a motor bike, calling out to me to get on, and I hesitate. With fire and determination in his eyes, he says, “Follow the synchronicities unceasingly and you will be led to new reality.”

Who could resist? Getting on, we ride into through the night turning to dawn, as the trees part to reveal a desert valley. He brings me out through dirt roads til we reach a small village… wait, I look up from the journal. This is just like where I am now!

I had this dream just after I finished a book called the Celestine Prophecy, which tells of a spiritual adventure of synchronicity and Awakening, that of deepening our relationship with the sacred lands and the subtle energies that underlie our experience. Of coming to see that we are each a part of a larger collective shift in consciousness. Little did I know, that by committing to the journey of following my heart’s desire, I would be led on the real life version of such an adventure.

Suddenly, my sense of the interconnections deepened. I felt that the place I had been led to on the skin of Gaia had a significance to all this, that my inner experience was connected and reflected by the outer.

As winter turned to spring, after many nights of meditation, it came to me by the fireside. I realized the journey I had been on was truly magical, and took on a deeper sense of importance. That by following the synchronicities, I had come to be guided this whole way. A sense that everything in my life had been leading up to these moments. I saw then it was my destiny to share my story with the World. That I would travel between sacred centers of light and transformational festivals, ecovillages and pristine landscapes. That I would bring my Gifts out and fulfill my heart’s desire.