Welcome to the Seed Within, a storytale of the magickal unfoldment of my heroic journey across the realms and a documentary that tracks the synchronicities of my path over my timeline of Awakening. This is done through the application of the Yoga of Story, to show the deeper unfoldment of myth and meaning that exist when one steps into the Mythica. With intent to honor circumstance and illustrate how we are all connected, the characters, places, and lands are featured as part of the Magickal World and Atlas of Story.

In an ongoing healing dialogue I document the Yogas of Change, the techniques I use to transform my consciousness, and the results they have in transforming my circumstance for the better. As I awaken to my deeper embodiment, I share my revelations. As I have cleared the Seed Within has been revealed, a metaphor for the gift of the Garden that lay within each of us, our inherent value waiting to bloom forth…

This is an ongoing episodic adventure of the great emergence and Awakening that is in a phase of development and under construction. I invite you to take a look at the publications, check out the timeline, and follow the rabbit hole deeper into the Mythica.

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