2018-1-12 Akasha, Depths of the Ocean

Light of a new day as confluence deepens further with Peter Fae. A new octave of expression and understanding is opening, availed to me through a window of Akasha. Following my guidance I appreciated Peter in his aspect, deeply thanking him for all that he’s done for me to help me come in to my true self, teaching me of the deep magicks, and helping the planet to awaken. In such ways our luminance brightens, for when we honor another we honor that aspect of our Self. We spoke of the collective, and he shared that Dakota Chanel was recently in Mexico at the pyramid with Adam Apollo, characters of the Great Story. As Peter honored me, we viscerally felt the round table, the tone we are setting for the redemption of fellowship. Upon this happening, a veil of light parted in the Akasha to reveal the visage of Adam, holding a sword in noble revere.

As I attempted to express this, Peter sensed that I needed refinements it’s my understanding of the Akasha. He shared, “All is the ocean of Akasha.” We went out upon the land and he taught me of the Magick. The Akasha is the ocean of form itself. The very substance of Shakti, arising from the mind of God. Inside of this all experiences, selves and realms are formed, and share interaction and relationship.

By deepening relationship to the Akashic, we come to see the interconnection of our storylines in a much larger web of shared unfoldment, in the context of an emergent mythology. All things are experienced in the field of consciousness. I deepen into visceral awareness of the elementalism of form itself, as shaped from the substance of Akasha.

Words form spells, movements form dance, stances of consciousness. The Self as a fluid sculpture of form, living in the halo of its own emanation, a manifestation of its own reflection. Made of the very archetypal elemental substance that everything is made of. Seen at vantage this forms the basis for all Selves and circumstance, different arrangements of Akasha, of Shakti, the prime material of form itself.

Peter expresses from formlessness comes an elemental wash which then forms into archetypal elements, and that the shapes of this then play out in different elemental configurations forming all of existence – all forms, selves and realms.

Our powers play out according to our life purpose at various octaves of its own embodiment. “Are we having an at depth relationship or shallow relationship with it?” I ask myself upon the satsang, the spiritual teaching with Peter. Such becomes a reflection throughout the day, leading into a night walk upon the realms of water, deepening my awareness into the visceral elemental wash of textures at the beach. Passing a form made of sand upon the shores, that I divine as a totem of dog, that of loyalty to kin and the path…I reflect all is made of the primal substance only to be dissolved back into the ocean of Akasha.

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