2018-1-9 Inner Clearing and Arrival of the Priestess of Breath

A collage of sensations fill my inward landscape, dull and sharp pains and grey tones in my Prism of Self, aspects yet cleared for the prana of vitality to flow through. I am aware of this. Resentment flares as fire barrages my senses, linked with processing psycho-emotions associations. “They totally betrayed me.” Memories pass my minds eye, while I maintain witness awareness. I shift my subtle asana, bringing my awareness to the areas in the body of fires and blockage, breathing into them, giving forgiveness to the Self. Knowing that there is only the Self, the One, and the body is a microcosm of Shakti, of form itself.

By giving forgiveness to another as an aspect of my Self, while holding the area in the viscera of my awareness and directing the energy there it clears it up on the root level. It clears it from the body of the Collective and of the Goddess, which my form is an aspect of the whole. This is the empowered stance to take, I can feel it, for all the power is within us, which thus ripples out into the whole. We transform our own circumstance, embody the remedy and heal for the whole.

As my practice takes me outside to do the Deva Yoga, I deepen into my connection with the land, breathing the pranic energy through my form. The separation starts to dissolve, and I continue the subtle asana of forgiveness. This gives room for its release and resolve, and I feel the healing energy begin to move through the area. Upon this happening, I have access to inspiration. The iris of abundance opens, for I have cleared. This is proof of Deva Yoga and that God is Good.

Alva Maria

Shortly after I shoot a video asking for donations, based on the idea I was given in the inspiration, Alva Maria arrives in synchronicity. She is flush with a clearing energy, and as we embrace I can feel that her gut has a very clean vibration, which I remark on. She thanks me, eventually sharing that this is one of the reasons she went on a fruit-based diet. Such was felt in the space between us, in the shared telepathic. As a Priestess of Air, she offers me a full breath-work session, a realm-sign of abundance on the Rainbow Road to grace. Such was truly healing and expansive for me, helping to release a lot of emotional difficulties that I was processing throughout the night and morning. A sure sign that I am supported on the Path.

Such is the bright embodiment of the Divine Feminine. She remarks, “This is more of a feminine breathwork, in which we surrender to the breath breathing us.” Her guidance through the session is sublime. Peter and I see her in the subtle underplanes of the Mythica as a Priestess of the Air, teaching and holding space for the healing of the whole through the breath. Such a bright function, and in this, I honor her role in the collective transition into brighter realms of embodiment and wholeness.

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