Pattern of Practice

Practice makes pattern. Pattern takes form. Form becomes circumstance.

Practice. The act of constancy. Along the inwards of its corridors lay a deeper truth. There is a patterning within that gives rise to form and circumstance. That which is within is reflected without. All is made of the substance of the self. To transform our reality is to redeem that which is within seeking alignment with the primal manifestation, with Nature itself. To take such virtuous approach is to take the torch to the cave, on a promise to discover the truth that lay deep within us.

In efforts to understand and transform my reality – I have practiced witness awareness of my arising thoughts in relationship to the landscape of sensation within my self, which I found to reoccur in patterns inside a tonal song. These imprinted patterns are made of certain textures, elemental qualities.

I witness this occur in a unfoldment that is relative to my life circumstance. Certain characters are there upon the landscape mirroring the psycho-emotional process I am going through. This is playing out in the collective consciousness. As I deepened into witnessing the tonal landscape within, I noticed that it would respond to the people in my the field of awareness. We are sharing tones inside the field. Our relationships mirror that which is being worked through energetically, that which is both harmonic and disharmonic, inside a symphony of shared interaction and circumstance. Traced at large this is the Akasha.

I asked myself, “How do we transform this? What can I do?”

By recognizing that there is no separation all things are seen as the body of God. There is one consciousness experiencing itself through us. The resolving issues within are reflected in the collective and in circumstance, relative to the clearing of archetypal and energetic patterns, tones, within the body of the Self. By clearing this within, through techniques such as forgiveness, we clear our portion of the collective distortion. We become clean of that quality within the Prism of Self and our Halo of Manifestation reflects this. In this way we step into magickal world of abundance and fellowship that is our birthright, and return to Heaven on Earth.

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