Aligning with Nature

We are supported. Nature provides all we need. We live in a friendly universe, seeking to care for our evolution and growth. However, we don’t always experience this. It is the state of our awareness that allows for the receiving of the resplendence and abundance of life, or the constriction of struggle and scarcity. For when we clear, we have access to the ideas we need to move forward, our circumstance aligns to a more magickal outcome, and we are more open to the vitality pouring forth from the sacred land.

The process of clearing is one of working through our portion of the collective distortion that gives rise to the common realities of this age. We engage the sacred act of clearing our distorted patterns within to allow for the resplendence and grace of true life to move through us. This the true Yoga, an energetic act done through the firmament of awareness. This is facilitated through such as the Deva Yoga.

We are ultimately seeking alignment with that of Nature, that of Truth, that which is within and gives rise to all circumstance. It is the essence behind sacred geometry, the patterning behind all form, the perfection flowing through all of creation. Our main issue at this time is error, misperception, misalignment with Nature. This is the true sin. We are not experiencing the wholeness, balance, harmony and Love that is intrinsic to our Nature because of aberrations in the lens of our awareness.

I have asked myself why. Why is there suffering? Considering this: without ignorance, there is no revelation. Without suffering, no healing. It is the process of coming back home. It is the journey itself, created by the progression allowed by such. It is the essence of evolution. No sleep, no Awakening. This can be difficult to swallow, for it means considering a plan much larger than what we can see from our own limited horizons. Gods plan is bigger than us. Each of is wrought to fulfill a function intrinsically valuable to a much grander alchemy of our shared unfoldment.

Clearing the lens of perception through the practices allows us to receive more of the abundance and grace that is our birthright. When come back into alignment with Nature, the flow of creativity moves naturally through us. The seeds of light within us are revealed, granted by our access to the inspirations given to us by Source.


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