The Seed Within Each of Us

We each have gifts within us that are intrinsic to our nature. These are the seeds within us that are seeking to sprout and bloom through our lives. It is our unique offering to the altar of life. The bright and golden gift that is our birthright. It is the thing that the heart longs for, to be in alignment with our true purpose, and to be of benefit to the whole, offering our sacred gift to the world in easement and prosperity.

Along my journey to discover the seed within, I found the key to this is finding alignment with the divine will, with the gravity of Nature, with that which is larger than the self. This was shown in the episode of Initiation, in which through deepening constant connection to the land I deconditioned, healed and deeply listened to Spirit, which eventually led me to the fire where I received a guiding vision for my life of sharing my story, and was shortly after initiated into this project that is aligned with my truth in fulfilling service to the world.

The process of discovery is a beautiful process of unfurling the many petals of our heart’s Lotus, of revealing the true tone within. It is a process in which we may shed many beliefs about who we are that no longer serve us so that we may step into the grace of who we truly are.

This is where techniques such as clearing and Life Visioning come to bear. We are clearing out the imprints so that we may be aligned with the law of nature. With more clarity, serenity, and alkalinity we are like open channels, able to receive the flow of information constantly coming to us from Source. Here we can be open to receive guiding visions for our life, and be in communication with the divine. Remembering that God is good and we live in a friendly and supportive universe.

We all want the power. To feel vitality and inspiration, fulfillment and love. These states of being come naturally when we clear away the dross. For when we clear our consciousness we come back to being tuned into the true nature. From that place, the heart may sing in its own unique way.

I discover that we each have a divine design, an inherent and unique value that is intrinsic to each and every one of us. Each of us part and parcel to a much larger unfoldment of gods plan. We are the seeds of the new earth. We are the gifts of nature coming to remember ourselves, coming to return to the heart of who we truly are.

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