Stepping Deeper Into the Mythica

Nothing is mundane when you learn to see the everyday as a heroic journey. A shamanic adventure across the realms of our own being, the collective and Gaia. All of which there is no separation. A vivid dreamscape made of the substance of our own beingness, wrought to the leylines of myth we walk. Each of us on a journey towards the revelation of the seeds of light that lay within us. To approach such an embodiment of legendary wonder is to step into the world of the Mythica.

Such an adventure requires that we travel through the shadowlands to the brightlands. From the incarnations of hell on earth to that of Heaven on Earth. To do so one must become well acquainted with the art of inner alchemy and transformation. This is a Quest not for faint of heart, for it requires we shed all limiting beliefs to step into the magick of the real world. On the Path of the Mythica our Self moves through the iterations of its own transition from scarcity to abundance, from tensity to expansion, experiencing its own unique progression along the Rainbow Bridge to the Golden Tone that is our birthright.

God is good and we live in a friendly universe. Yet, we have shifting degrees of awareness of this, which is not constant. This the purpose of the Mythica as a beacon of Remembrance. A bright medium of Awakening to the deeper reality that is always present, to the Truth of our inherent Divinity and Unity. By clearing the imprints of scarcity, wounds of value and fellowship, by reconnecting with the Sacred Land that is our Source, we are redeeming our relationship with the Creation. In this way we embody the remedy for the whole. The Poison becomes the Medicine. The lead turns to Gold. Everything ordained in perfection for us to become the seeds of the New Earth.

It is a sacred path we walk, becoming the embodiment of who we truly are…stepping deeper into the Mythica.

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